Details at home

Today I found 3 cute D3tails at home …

1 detail in the K1tchen.

And 2 details in the b2droom


Home Dekor

Yesterday it was time to rearrange our home decor. Two old, rustic, wooden candle holders needed a new place as Luna Leen starts to crawl. I found them a nice, new place in our bathrooms. Together with white candles and small orchids from the balcony. … Second bathroom same style. Done with the little rearrangement.

Frau Palme

In 2010 we left Frau Palme, a 2 m tall and 23 year old palm tree with friends. For the next 2 1/2 years she grew and lived in her new home. She moved outside every summer, what she loves, and lived inside the winter garden during the old season. And then it was time to move again …

Frau Palme choose the best family I can imagine, my best girlfriend, her dog and a horse, they all live in the beautiful, small house surrounded by butterflies and breathtaking views.

The day of the move Frau Palme got a postcard, first in German, then in English: