ExpeRiences, ideAs aNd iNterests.

MoMents oF LiFe aNd LiKes.

RecycLed cRafts as Big proJecTs,

ReusEd THings as sMALL proJecTs.

aLL BiTes oF LiFe!

Hello. Toffeeaepple is a global and interactive platform about different BiTes oF LiFe.

How does it work?

I start and write my BiTe oF LiFe. This can be about the city I live in, the country I come from, a creative idea, a daily task or simply things I do and like. Then I’ll ask you guys for your experience and feedback on this, from your part of the world. … And the collection of BiTes oF LiFe begins. Maybe we are next door neighbors, maybe you are from another continent.

Welcome to Toffeeaepple! Let’s get started and grow with this idea …



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