Shopping off the beaten track

When I go shopping I like the experience of „different“ and away from mass production. Artisan bakeries, ice cream with honest ingredients and real flavors, crafts from local artists and designers, that’s what makes me feel good and excited about my shopping.

When I came to Singapore in 2010 small shops run by local designers where hard to find. At that time and to my „Singapore Just Getting Started To Know Extend“ I felt a lack of creativity from what I was used to know from Europe.

But Singapore was just getting started with it’s transformation from almost mass production only to small businesses from local artists, coffee lovers, craftsmen and designers. Suddenly small shops and Cafes popped up all over the island. I came to the right place at the right time!

Doesn’t matter if you are a customer or an independent designer the passion and profession should be both off the beaten track of mass production. The typical neighborhood of Singaporeans young designers is as cute as their products. I instantly feel a win-win situation once I find such a place. The enviroment can be as inspiring as the products and the creatives themselves. Inside a small mall, a boutique with clean interior, toddler dresses with the prettiest patterns and fabrics all designed by the woman standing right next to you, creative toys you can’t help but touch. Or outside in a lovely neighborhood with colorful shop houses and a small coffee shop that just opened up.

Neighborhoods like Chinatown with Amoy Street, Telok Ayer Street, Clubstreet and Duxton Hill, Haji Lane (close to Arab Street) and Yong Siak in Tiong Bahru offer a perfect variety of fantastic Cafes, boutiques, galleries, restaurants and wine bars.


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