Rudi, the sheep, in under 15 minutes

TIME to DO something with MY HANDS! And this happened next:

As LL, our 11 months old daughter, is very much interested into her haptic skills, I decided we need something soft to touch. Something fun to look at but with texture at the same time. So I got her a little sheep.

All you need is 15 minutes time, cotton wool, glue, paper, watercolor (not even) pencils and a funny mood. Certainly not the talent of a real artist.

  • Start and draw Rudi, the sheep, a green, healthy grassland by gently gliding the green colored pencils above the paper, use two different green colors. Maybe you want to create a hill …
  • Next is Rudi, the sheep. Give Rudi a shape and draw his contours on paper. Don’t forget to give him ears, legs and a cute, funny face.
  • Next are cotton wool and glue. Time to dress Rudi up! You just want to have a little bit of glue on every cotton wool “cloud”. Not too much and please only at the back side of the cotton, just enough so that it sticks on paper. Use different tiny, curly pieces of cotton wool to give Rudi a nice “fur”.
  • Put Rudi into a frame and hang it onto the wall. … I suggest you are with your little one while touching the sheep gently- just to be sure that not something ends but in someones mouth.

LL practices now her gentle touch skills and it looks that she likes Rudi, our new sheep.

Have fun with this little creative Bite oF LiFe!


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