Salad tastes like salad again, tomatoes are tomatoes again

Thursday is delivery day! Convenience is key as a new mummy. I re-organised my household strategies and get things delivered now. So easy. I like this BiTe oF LiFe!

My favorite delivery service in Singapore is Green Circle Eco-Farm. On a 2.2 hectare land leased from the Singapore government, Green Circle Eco-Farm was launched by Evelyn Eng and Lim Tian Soo in late 1999. Everything is organic and as most of the items are grown locally. They are cut in the morning before it get’s delivered to your door. It doesn’t get fresher then that! Salad tastes like salad again, tomatoes are tomatoes again. With a little bit of preparation all veggies, fruits and even salad keep fresh in the fridge for a week … until we get our next delivery. Worth every penny.

Two other delivery services I really like to work with are Redmart and Super Nature.  

Redmart offers a wide, wide, wide variety of products to a fair price, delivery is with a two hour window and can even be chosen for the same day. Brilliant!

SuperNature is one of Singapores organic stores. SuperNature provides a comprehensive range of organic and natural foods, supplements, natural remedies, personal care and household products. As a mum I’m a fan of their selection of baby foods from brands like Holle and Ella.

Where do you shop online for organic and baby food in Singapore? Or else where? What are your favorite eco products for you or your baby? Do you live in Germany for example and eco products are easy available? How about local Farmer markets, anyone?


2 thoughts on “Salad tastes like salad again, tomatoes are tomatoes again

  1. In Melbourne, Australia there are a lot of local fresh produce markets – I haven’t even looked at online delivery. The Queen Victoria Market is the biggest, next is South Melbourne Market, and Prahran Market is my local just 20min walk from home – it’s the most expensive but the food is incredible, I like buying cheese, fruit and veg, and maybe a treat like a fresh coconut or a cupcake (fresh coconuts in S.Melbourne Market, cupcakes if I’m in Prahran Market)! The stalls are all run by small business owners, and once you’ve travelled about in Victoria you start to recognise the names of diaries and wineries from your trips.

    • Australia, fresh, local products everywhere, mmh? … Even if not quite the same, there are similar markets in Germany. The typical “Wochenmarkt” is in almost every town and city. Once or twice a week, same place at the same time, with almost the same customers, farmers and small business companies. I like everything about it from the welcoming atmosphere, the local produce till the range of people you meet. In the end it’s much more then produce, it’s as well about people. I liked to call them my “Wochenmarkt Community”. In deed you start greeting people you only know from the market, if you see them elsewhere in town.
      … It’s Saturday, perfect timing to miss this BiTe oF my FrankFurt and OberUrsel LiFe. Thank you, Liv.***

      P.S.: Oh, and if you are at Konstablerwache in Frankfurt on a Thursday or Saturday, you should definitely allow yourself to have a Cordon Bleu at one of the corner stalls at Erzeugermarkt Konstablerwache. … Maybe you won’t need anything else for the day, except an Aeppler. Aeppler is the local wine made from pressed apples. As I’m born in this region I’m not sure if I’m allowed to call it cider … Because it’s just NOT! It’s Aeppler or Eppelwoi! … mmmmmh yummmm.

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