Hello world!

Toffee Äpple … BiTes oF LiFe was born in September 2012 in Singapore.

The first time I was confronted with this idea was earlier this year. My favorite doctor of all time, Dr Shirin Jacob, mentioned that she would like to see me writing a blog. I was flattered and laughing at the same time. Clearly, I could not see people attracted by my general thoughts or writing skills.

Later that year, I came up with the idea again – a creative blog, a backyard for myself. First challenge was to figure out a theme for my blog. Then a name. All I knew was, the blog should be really me, related to where I come from and to my life in Asia.

A couple of weeks later ideas started to kick in and stayed for a while. Just when I started to get a little bit more serious, I looked into the different blog software systems at that time, a dear friend of mine had a stopover in Singapore. While we chatted about my life since Luna Leen, my daughter, was born almost a year ago and that I feel the need to be a bit more creative, Liv said something what must have felt almost approving for me. Liv did not wait a second but said exactly like two years ago: “You really should write”. And then: “You should start a blog!” Maybe this was the moment I was preparing for the last couple of days … I got my laptop and showed the vague beginning of ToffeeÄpple and what else I had in mind.

Later that evening the idea of  “ToffeeÄpple … Bites oF LiFe” was born on the balcony in the tropical heat of Singapore. That’s a pretty good start for a creative but simple idea.

… Not quite a week later this blog was born to blossom by pressing the “update” button for the very first time.

Thank you for your interest.



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