2 Wundertools to organise your LiFe

Do you sometimes wonder how you could find a new way to better organize your Life?

If you not yet have heard about Wunderlist or Wunderkit, I tell you a little bit about it and you find out the rest yourself, if you like …

Wunderlist is my absolute favorite when it comes to task managers. Shopping lists        turn from boring and lost at home to fun tasks with the help of the whole family. It all starts by inviting different users, to your lists. Depending on what kind of list, project or task you work on the users can be family, friends or even colleagues. Once they are on board you can share your list via email or directly via Wunderlist. Every user can add their points to the list. … Once you need it, it’s all there in front of you and nothing is forgotten.

It’s a free and top- designed tool which helps to organize your everyday tasks, projects and shopping lists. Wunderlist is available for every system I can thing of (Android, Apples ipad and iphone, Blackberry, Linux, Mac, Windows and web-browser)and you can be accessed from anywhere.

I say thank you to the 6Wunderkinder in Berlin for such an attractive and deliberated tool – you make my day, everyday!

… There is something else from 6Wunderkinder you might like, it’s called Wunderkit and a wonderful friend for all bigger projects in life.

Have a look and try yourself!


Coming soon …

… the talk. We meet with inspiring people who do their own thing. We sit and talk about motivations, favorite places, homes, professions, work spaces and pick up BiTes of their LiFes. All in an “toffeeaepple … BiTes oF Life” interview style.

… coming soon.

Home Dekor

Yesterday it was time to rearrange our home decor. Two old, rustic, wooden candle holders needed a new place as Luna Leen starts to crawl. I found them a nice, new place in our bathrooms. Together with white candles and small orchids from the balcony. … Second bathroom same style. Done with the little rearrangement.

Singapores Bakeries. Let’s talk!

I’m relatively strict with what I eat and how I treat myself. Simply because I like what I get back in return. To keep the focus in a long run, I allow myself to forget about dairy, sugar, wheat, etc. every once in a while and sit down with a pastry and a roll.

In Singapore my favorite bakery choices for the moment are …

My No 1 is Nick Vina Artisan Bakery at Icon, 10 Gopeng Street at Tanjong Pagar. Every single bread and pastry is handcrafted. The bread is up to German standards and trust me, we guys eat a lot of bread  and daily. Pastries are beautifully prepared, with every detail. Next word would be mouthwatering, then comes delicious. The beauty of Nick Vina Artisan Bakery is that they use minimum ingredients and no artificial ingredients or preservatives. So if you are health conscious but still would like to give yourself a wheat treat once in awhile this is the place to go! … Call it feel good treat.

All three pictures above are by Nick Vina Artisan Bakery

Yesterday I ran into Tiong Bahru Bakery by Gontran Cherrier at Raffles City Mall. I had a bad, bad sweet tooth and therefore I choose the famous almond chocolate croissant. Sweet, sweet and so tasty. Croissant wise I feel strong French roots. Until late in the evening freshly baked products came out of the oven. … Inviting seating area with cute details like a fresh flower bouquet.

All pictures I made myself.

Tiong Bahru Bakery by Gontran Cherrier belongs together with House, tippling club, Skinny Pizza, forty h4nds, o my dog and ODP to Food Collective by Spa Esprit.  Asiatatlerdinning.com nominated House as one of Singapore’s best restaurants in 2012. … The House venue looks like is a winner itself. Have you been there? Please let me know what you think. If you haven’t tried forty h4ands yet … maybe this could be one more “to do” on your list.

Having said this I wish everybody a great weekend. Thanks for reading.

Frau Palme

In 2010 we left Frau Palme, a 2 m tall and 23 year old palm tree with friends. For the next 2 1/2 years she grew and lived in her new home. She moved outside every summer, what she loves, and lived inside the winter garden during the old season. And then it was time to move again …

Frau Palme choose the best family I can imagine, my best girlfriend, her dog and a horse, they all live in the beautiful, small house surrounded by butterflies and breathtaking views.

The day of the move Frau Palme got a postcard, first in German, then in English: