LOUIS VUITTON – Piece of art

Today I was happily blown away by polka dots from Japanese avant-garde artist and writer Yayoi Kusama.

Kusama’s work is based on conceptual art and throughout you’ll see that her main interests are patterns, psychedelic colors and repetitions. The public got first interested in the late 1960s, when Kusama organized different Body Painting Festivals. Kusama’s art includes personal autobiographic and psychological BiTes of her LiFe. Typical characteristics of Yayoi Kusama‘s art include abstract expressionism, feminism, minimalism, surrealism and pop art. I’m sure you have seen some of her art before.

LOUIS VUITTON collaborated with Yayoi Kusama for their art collection 2012.  So this season LV’s art collection is a get together of Kusama’s colorful patterns + famous polka dots and Marc Jacob‘s feminine silhouettes.

We all love the beauty of top designed window installations and the stories they tell. With this collaboration window design turned into art. This years LV window art is more than any window shopper can ask for – it’s a piece of art and it doesn’t get much better than that. The stores are beautiful designed from in- and outside with every little detail you can think of. Some may come for shopping, others come for art … either way, you walk away happy and fulfilled.

As part of the project LOUIS VUITTON spared no effort what so ever. At Singapore’s Takashimaya Shopping Centre, Ngee Ann City, Level 2 a brand new LV shop opened up, designed just for this special collaboration. The whole store goes under the polka dot theme and sells only products from the collaboration with Yayoi Kusama. … The shop will be closed by end of October 2012.

All pictures are taken by Kati from toffeeaepple. 2012.

My thanks go to the LV Sales Associate who took the time and talked to me about LOUIS VUITTON and Yayoi Kusama: A world premier collaboration.


My “oneday.sg”

The theme of my “oneday.sg” could be DESIGN. I take you at the hand and we wonder through the neighborhoods of Tangjong Pagar, Chinatown, a little CBD and up to the sky for views.

1. The Pinnacle@Duxton is one of Singapore’s landmarks in public housing history. In June 2010, Pinnacle@Duxton won the 2010 Best Tall Building Asia & Australasia award by the Chicago Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat. Best is to go there by cab or use the MRT (green line) to Tangjong Pagar and find your way to the Pinnacle@Duxton.

If you are looking for a panoramic view and a place away from the tourist crowd, the Pinnacle@Duxton is a good place to be. The iconic characteristics of the building are two skybridges. While the skybride at the 26th storey is strictly for residents only, the skybridge at level 50 is luckily allowed for public. As only 200 visitors are allowed per day, I suggest to go in the morning. Opening times and all other details you find here … please bring your camera along.

So,we started our day with a good view. Now let’s go and have breakfast just around the corner.

2. THE PLAIN is as well located @Duxton. As the name promises, everything about this Cafe is pure and simple, it’s all about poached eggs on sourdough, good, good coffee, friends and an atmosphere which could be at home. … As all good locations, it will be crowed with locals on weekends and during lunch hours.

Strengthened for the day you want to hit down to your next stop but wait! before you leave Craigs Road, check out the small shop next door. It’s a shop full of antiques and maybe a little or a lot of junk. If you are into vintage and old designs it’s worth to have a look. Maybe you find a special souvenir and make a deal with an old Chinese men before you hit down to Chinatown where most of the tourists end up buying a little knick-knack.

Walk along Duxton Hill, Duxton Road and Tangjong Pagar Road,  have a look at nice, little restaurants, shops and wine bars … you might come back here for the evening. Next on our route will be THE design station of the day.

3. red dot design museum is next on our list. I’m sure you came across the red dot design award somewhere, maybe you have one at home. If you are open for it, we are going to see a lot of red dots today. The red dot design museum shows more then 1000 award winning product designs and is proud to be the first contemporary design Museum in Asia. In the museum is  a lot to look at and in the museum shop you will find for sure an early birthday or Christmas present for yourself or your friends.

4. once upon a milkshake is just around the corner from the design museum and offers thick, yummy ice cream and milkshakes. Head southeast at Maxwell Road with your milkshake and find your way to Telok Ayer Street.

3. Thian Hock Keng at Telok Ayer Street is one of Singapore’s oldest Hokkien Temples, built in traditional southern Chinese Architectural Design. The restoration project which was finished in 2000 won among other awards, the prestigious Award for Culture Heritage Conservation Building from UNESCO Asia-Pacific Heritage in 2001. Have a look inside and outside, think about that the parallel street is already part of the CBD (Central Business District) and todays skyscraper stand on reclaimed land, as in 1842 the temple was located by the sea  to welcome Chinese immigrants.

4. Amoy Street Food Center behind Telok Ayer Street or the more popular Maxwell Food Centre (at the very end of Maxwell Road) could be your lunch location for today. Eat with the locals and choose from the huge variety of food, there is something for every taste. Most likely you will end up with the famous and tasty, local Chicken or Duck Rice, some fresh coconut (nothing better then that) or sugar cane juice. If you are a bit more adventures I am sure you will find something new to try.

5. Singapore City Gallery shows architectural models of the city, which you will see from a bird eye perspective. The Gallery shows as well many smaller exhibitions throughout the year. … But mainly you come here today for orientation (maybe you can skip the city tour by bus) and to get an overview of Singapore’s architectural landscape. The Gallery is located just before Maxwell Food Court, at the corner of Maxwell Road and Kadayanallur Street.

6. screening room with it’s rooftop bar at Clubstreet is a gooo place to say goodbye and I let you go into the night. But not without having said that the following … Clubstreet is a trendy area, I’m sure you will find another cool bar or restaurant that suits you.

7. 1-Altitude is still (in 2012) the highest alfresco bar in the world. Stunning views are guaranteed, for either the sunset or to watch Singapore at night – all with a 360 degree perspective. This location shuld not be missed, you will feel on top of the world!

…. With regards to panoramic views we come full circle.

All pictures are taken by Kati (toffeeaepple@gmail.com)

Thanks for reading, I hope you liked it!

2 Wundertools to organise your LiFe

Do you sometimes wonder how you could find a new way to better organize your Life?

If you not yet have heard about Wunderlist or Wunderkit, I tell you a little bit about it and you find out the rest yourself, if you like …

Wunderlist is my absolute favorite when it comes to task managers. Shopping lists        turn from boring and lost at home to fun tasks with the help of the whole family. It all starts by inviting different users, to your lists. Depending on what kind of list, project or task you work on the users can be family, friends or even colleagues. Once they are on board you can share your list via email or directly via Wunderlist. Every user can add their points to the list. … Once you need it, it’s all there in front of you and nothing is forgotten.

It’s a free and top- designed tool which helps to organize your everyday tasks, projects and shopping lists. Wunderlist is available for every system I can thing of (Android, Apples ipad and iphone, Blackberry, Linux, Mac, Windows and web-browser)and you can be accessed from anywhere.

I say thank you to the 6Wunderkinder in Berlin for such an attractive and deliberated tool – you make my day, everyday!

… There is something else from 6Wunderkinder you might like, it’s called Wunderkit and a wonderful friend for all bigger projects in life.

Have a look and try yourself!

Home Dekor

Yesterday it was time to rearrange our home decor. Two old, rustic, wooden candle holders needed a new place as Luna Leen starts to crawl. I found them a nice, new place in our bathrooms. Together with white candles and small orchids from the balcony. … Second bathroom same style. Done with the little rearrangement.

Singapores Bakeries. Let’s talk!

I’m relatively strict with what I eat and how I treat myself. Simply because I like what I get back in return. To keep the focus in a long run, I allow myself to forget about dairy, sugar, wheat, etc. every once in a while and sit down with a pastry and a roll.

In Singapore my favorite bakery choices for the moment are …

My No 1 is Nick Vina Artisan Bakery at Icon, 10 Gopeng Street at Tanjong Pagar. Every single bread and pastry is handcrafted. The bread is up to German standards and trust me, we guys eat a lot of bread  and daily. Pastries are beautifully prepared, with every detail. Next word would be mouthwatering, then comes delicious. The beauty of Nick Vina Artisan Bakery is that they use minimum ingredients and no artificial ingredients or preservatives. So if you are health conscious but still would like to give yourself a wheat treat once in awhile this is the place to go! … Call it feel good treat.

All three pictures above are by Nick Vina Artisan Bakery

Yesterday I ran into Tiong Bahru Bakery by Gontran Cherrier at Raffles City Mall. I had a bad, bad sweet tooth and therefore I choose the famous almond chocolate croissant. Sweet, sweet and so tasty. Croissant wise I feel strong French roots. Until late in the evening freshly baked products came out of the oven. … Inviting seating area with cute details like a fresh flower bouquet.

All pictures I made myself.

Tiong Bahru Bakery by Gontran Cherrier belongs together with House, tippling club, Skinny Pizza, forty h4nds, o my dog and ODP to Food Collective by Spa Esprit.  Asiatatlerdinning.com nominated House as one of Singapore’s best restaurants in 2012. … The House venue looks like is a winner itself. Have you been there? Please let me know what you think. If you haven’t tried forty h4ands yet … maybe this could be one more “to do” on your list.

Having said this I wish everybody a great weekend. Thanks for reading.